2017 Fabulous Feet

On Stage Dress Rehearsal

We have a rehearsal schedule for Wednesday May 31st and Thursday June 1st. Rehearsal will be held at The Raue Center for the Arts in Crystal Lake.  Dancers should arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes before their assigned rehearsal time.  Due to limited time, we cannot wait for late dancers.  Please come dressed in complete costume, hair and make-up.  All performers are excused after their run-through onstage.  Parents are asked to wait backstage, anyone waiting in the auditorium will be asked to leave.  Picture and/or videos are prohibited during the performance and dress rehearsal.  We will have a professional photographer during rehearsal taking pictures a professional videographer videotaping both performances.  If you are interested in purchasing a video or DVD, please pick up a form at the studio.  Creative Dance Parents will be escorted to the theater during dress rehearsal to review the enter and exit procedure.

Recital Performance (June 4th)

The end of the year performance, “Fabulous Feet” will be held at The Raue Center for the Arts on Sunday, June 4th.  The classes have been split into two shows 1:00 P.M. and 4:30 P.M.  Please visit our website to see which show your dancer(s) will be performing in. www.rebeccamccarthyschoolofdance.com All dancers must arrive backstage at least thirty (30) minutes before show time.

All Creative Dancers will be escorted off the stage after their dance.  Creative Dancers should remain in the audience for curtain call.  All other dancers are required to stay in the dressing area/backstage for the entire performance.  They are casted in the closing number and return for a curtain call at the end of the show.

Only stage crew are allowed backstage.  PLEASE DROP OFF YOUR DANCER(S) AT THE DOOR.  A BACKSTAGE CREW MEMBER WILL ASSIST THEM TO THEIR ASSIGNED AREA.  It is important to pack items such as coloring books, activity books, small and quiet games, or any other activity that will keep your dancer(s) occupied during the wait backstage.  Performers should come dressed in their costume and be ready to perform.  There is absolutely no food or drink allowed backstage.

Cooperation, patience and understanding are the key to a successful dance performance.  I am looking forward to a fabulous performance and sharing this memorable moment with your dancers.

Support Our Stars

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